Blogging-Starting a Blog

Ok another thing that people do or another tool that they use is a Blog. So depending on what niche you are in will determine what your going to write about. For example: This blog is about the Making Money Online niche or as I like to say Making Bux Online. I picked that saying because it has a tendency to stick out more so you will remember it.

Ok so how do you build a blog? Well in today’s day and age it seems that everyone is building a WordPress blog. Why Word Press? Well simply because it is so easy! With all the different WordPress plug-ins and themes it makes it much easier. Hell you can learn on YouTube on how to build a blog! But some people are not so tech savy so then what? Well you can have someone build it for you! Honestly….that’s what I did. I went to and got someone to build my blog for me. So which ever way you want to go is good, just get started.

So how do I make money with a blog? Well you can go one of two ways with this. You can have advertisements on your blog page and get paid every time someone clicks on the ad or you can do a content or review page. A content page is where you are linking up certain terms or words in your blog that go to advertisements. A review page is something like a Consumer Reports page on a product or service only it’s written by you. So lets say you review a book you read or a camera you just bought. You tell people what you like about it and what you did not like about it. You give them your own first hand knowledge of your experience. If it’s positive you leave an affiliate link to the product that you recommend and if they click on the link and buy the product you’ll get a commission for the sale.

So if you need more information on blogging check out this video…


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