Keyword Tracker

Another tool that you need for affiliate marketing is a keyword tracker. You can use a keyword tracker two ways. One is to track your keywords your using on your campaigns and two is using multiple sources of traffic. Let me give you an example. You are running a campaign with Bing ads, you need to know which keywords are converting so you can optimize your campaign for better performance and to make more money. The second way is if your using multiple traffic sources. Lets say you have a campaign running on Bing, Facebook and YouTube. Which one is doing better and which one is doing worse? You wouldn’t know unless you are tracking each one seperately with a tracker.

Now that you know why you need tracking the next question is which one? There are alot of tracking softwares you can use. One popular one is Volumn. but it is expensive to use. The one that we’re going to recommend is Clickmajick. Clickmagic is one of the newer trackers around and is also very popular with internet markers. Check out the video……..

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