Getting an Autoresponder

Ok now why do you need an autoresponder? Well it is a tool that’s needed in affiliate marketing known as e-mail marketing. With e-mail marketing you send messages out to your perspective customers about specials you have or offers that they would be interested in. Haven’t you got e-mails from someone after you signed up for their offer before? Well this is the same thing!

You see the purpose of your landing page is not only to introduce your offer to the customer but to get their e-mail as well. This is called “building a list” The more e-mails you collect the more potential customers you have. Ever heard of the saying…”The money is in the list”? Well it’s true. The more e-mails you collect, the more customers you will have. Hence the more money you could possibly make. It is not unusual to see lists of 10,000 or more. Now you see the importance of an autoresponder.

Ok I need an autoresponder, where do I get one? Well there are alot of autoresponders you can use and some are quite expensive.  But their is one autoresponder that has been around a while that is quite popular. It’s called Aweber. Check out my video………

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